Boosting Your Morale: Finding Students To Tutor

A teacher’s job can be very rewarding, but the honest ones will tell you that 90% of the time, it is simply grunt work. Every day teachers walk into classes that may hold any number of students from 5 to 50 and teach them new things. Some students may refuse to be taught; they have to be force-fed. Others may have problems that prevent them from learning with a clear mind; they have to be counselled. Then there are the realms of exams and tests that a teacher has to mark and return and then discuss in order to improve students. Language classes like Arabic classes in Dubai or English classes are always difficult to mark.
This mundane task will prove significant once you get that one student who improves in leaps and bounds. You will feel rewarded and validated. One of the best ways to feel this connection is to find a student to tutor. It is difficult sometimes to pay individual attention to all the students in your classes but one student in a tutorial can make you feel it worth your while. Here are some of the ways in which you can find a student to tutor without cheapening yourself, or the student.
Join a Network
There are plenty of tutor portals and networks on the internet these days. Look through a few and try to determine what they offer and what they are after. Some portals genuinely help students and teachers connect while others are only out for the money. Once you find a good one, upload your profile with details like age, gender, locations and expertise. For expertise, list out all the subjects you can and will teach: French classes Dubai, French spoken classes, remedial English etc. the more complete your profile is, the more students you will attract. Choose someone who genuinely needs help and is also able to compensate you for your trouble. Never sell yourself short.
Talk to Other Teachers
Your fellow educators may know of students who need the extra help but are not getting it because they are forbidden from tutoring them thanks to school rules or suchlike. Many tutors are in fact school teachers who teach students from different schools and help them with their homework. Make the connections and then keep in touch with as many teachers as you can. Make a social media group if possible. This will enable you to find a student who truly needs extra lessons. If the tables are turned and you notice a weak student, you can talk to someone you know and get them help.

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