Things To Do To The House Your Leave Behind

Moving houses is something that brings mixed emotions to one’s heart. While some people love the adventure and newness of moving, some others despise it. For these people it is change in their comfort zone, which can be terrifying in its own way. Many people concentrate a lot on the house that they move into. But not a lot of them would concentrate on the house that they leave behind. A house that is not properly vacated in a nightmare for many parties, including your new tenant and real-estate company. Here are a few things that you should definitely look into at your old house before you vacate.
Disconnect all utility services
First and foremost, one of the most important things that you should be doing is to disconnect all your utility services. This makes your life, the lives of the new occupants of your house and the lives of the relocation companies much easier. There are some people who forget to disconnect their gas supply, water supply and electricity supply. Leaving these connected not only becomes a safety hazard, but will also require you to follow many cumbersome process to get them disconnected after you leave. So before you move out of your house, make a list of utility services that you have subscribed for. A week or so before moving, make arrangements to disconnect these services the day you move out or the following day.
Clean the house
Well, now that you are moving into a new house and starting a new life at a new place, it does not mean that you can leave your old house behind in a condition of neglect. There are many movers in Dubai that have had difficult experiences just because the previous occupant of a house did not take the time to clean up their house before they vacated. Therefore, to make for a comfortable moving experience, make sure that you clean your house from top to bottom before moving. Keep in mind that no new occupant would like to move into a house that is dirty and unkempt. Therefore start the process of cleaning a week or so before your move.
Look at the garage
Many of us forget to look at the garage before moving out. Garages, in some houses, serve as second storage spaces. Therefore, there might be quite a bit of valuable or sentimental bric-a-brac that your new occupant might not want to deal with. It can also contain those chemicals that you bought to kill the weeds or some parts of your gun collection. Make sure that you leave off all traces of such material from your garage and house before you vacate it.

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