Decorating Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Once you have bought/rented your very own home with (possibly) most of your savings, it is time to decorate. Furniture is a must, but what about the additional features that make a home so attractive. Unfortunately, home decor is expensive and the best pieces are astronomical. Here are a few suggestions for the kind of decorations you can find on the street without breaking the bank to get them.
Bring in the Outdoors
Fresh flowers may be expensive, but get the right ones and they will last a long time. Flowers have a way of cheering up even the drabbest environment, so have a few vases full of flowers scattered around the house as much as possible. Go to the florists in Dubai every week and enlist their help; they will know which flowers last the longest and advise you on how to keep them looking fresh for a few days. Stick the flowers in dry foam in the bottom of the vase and spray it with water. This will keep them going longer than if you simply put them in water, which will cause the stalks to rot in a day or two.
Go Aesthetic on the Walls
Your walls could do with some cheering up so look around for the flea markets and street artists in your area to purchase art that you can display on bare walls. Galleries have good samples but their goods are expensive, so go to them for inspiration but look for something similar on the street. If you don’t like the paintings, you can get things like ribbon art, cross stitch, pressed flower arrangements, and other arts and crafts made for display. There are plenty of things for sale if you look hard enough. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If nothing on sale appeals to you, talk to a street artist about a commissioned painting. Look here for the most beautiful and fresh flower arrangements in Dubai.
Light Up the House
While chandeliers and even big bulbs are expensive, fairy lights are not. Comparatively, they are positively cheap. Look around for a store that sells fairy lights for less than the big department or hardware stores, or go to a garage sale where a family may be getting rid of theirs. Try soft colours that will highlight the features of your new home, not expose the ugly corners with their garish lights. Drape the fairy lights around doors, windows, around your bed or on countertops and mantles. Don’t overdo it or your house will look like a permanent Christmas display. The only downside to this is that it gathers dust quickly, so make sure you clean periodically.

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