Fun Things To Do With Your Kids On A Budget

Children don’t care about money and expenses. They just want your time and attention. Spending more time with the kids will let you understand them better, know their likes and dislikes and cultivate trust in them. They will learn to respect and value family. It will be good for you too as kids have a way of looking at the world differently. Everything is new and exciting for them. This will give you a new perspective and new appreciation about the world around you. Following are a few activities you engage in with your child that are easy to do and cost effective.
Working on a farm
If there’s a farm near you, ask if you can bring the kids for a day out. It will be both an educational and fun experience. They will learn about animals, how they live, what they eat, their behaviour etc. You can also teach your kids to be kind to all animals. They can feed the farm animals and help with cleaning. You can also go fruit picking.
Local museums
Museum entrance fees for children are quite low. Some places even have free entrance. You can spend the whole day inside exploring. For example, natural history museums can be very exciting. They have separate sections on animals, plants, human body, space exploration, precious gems etc. There are so many activities offered within the museum such as painting, crafting and games.
Flea market
You can give them a bit of money and allow them to spend it on something they like. There are toys, kids clothing and shoes and a variety of food to sample. This will make them take better care of their money too. They will be able to walk all over the place and decide on something they want to buy. Another option if the target $1 section.
Making crafts
You can do this at home. Take some coloured paper, chalk, glue, sparkling dust, ribbons, sequins, lace or anything you have at hand that they can transform into something creative. You can even cut up vegetables and fruits and use them as stamps by dipping them in coloured water. They will make a mess but don’t panic. You can let them work outside and put a cellophane sheet over the table to avoid lasting marks.
Kid-friendly restaurants
It will be easy for you to relax as the kids will have plenty to occupy themselves with. These restaurants usually supply building blocks, Legos or drawing supplies. There are even play areas designed especially for children. Unlike most restaurants, they won’t frown on your children for making a mess or making too much noise.

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