Giving Into Creativity: Using A Designer’s Talent

Some of us are born with the ability to look at the world and see interesting shapes and designs; designers know how to tap this potential and shape it into products that they can sell. If nothing else, a designer can use their talents and skills to make packaging for a tea company, but true creativity lies in the arts and aesthetics of the fields that branch off from art. Here are some suggestions for the different designer fields you can branch off into:
Designing the Bling of the Fashion World
Jewellery companies are always on the lookout for fresh talent – the keyword being ‘fresh.’ Few designers can pull off something that is actually wearable and truly unique, which is why the public remembers such few names. Designing jewellery in Dubai is a difficult business, with trends that change all the time and demanding clients who will test your patience and creativity to the limit. However, for those whose talents and skill have allowed them a taste of the business, it will be worth the effort. Jewellery has to match the outfit, the theme, the concept and the vision of the client, meaning that jewellery designers cannot afford to work in isolation unless they are the ones being featured.
Designing Men’s Accessories
Luxury accessories such as men’s watches, cufflinks, belts and tie pins is a niche market that is difficult to enter, much less conquer. Men’s watches command a huge chunk of that market, and hand-crafted watches often cost more than a house. Designing men’s watches require a keen eye for fashion as well as an awareness of the client’s requirements and current trends. Some companies prefer to have designers work directly with clients to ensure the highest quality of work; other companies’ commission designers to create watches for assembly production, perhaps for a limited edition. Either way, designers of men’s accessories have to work with minimalist designs that say sophistication at every turn.
Designing Women’s Shoes
Women’s shoes are one of the largest fashion industries in the world, with designer luxury brands spanning all continents. The most famous brands are Italian, but English shoes also command respect for their solidity. Again, shoe trends play a large role in a designer’s vision in designing shoes and most are designed to stand alone outside of an outfit. Certain classic designs such as stiletto heels, pumps and gladiator sandals have become timeless, with new styles coming out every few seasons. A shoe designer must think about the stability of the heel, the ease and comfort of the arch and the aesthetic appearance of the shoe. All these dimensions combine to make a stylish shoe good enough to grace the foot of a starlet.

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