Knowing Your Daily Gadgets And Machines

Our world spins and revolves around high tech gadgets. We depend on them so much that it has become a necessity in our lives and the moment something malfunctions we go in to hyper overdrive because we have forgotten how to live without those gadgets and machines in our lives. They make our daily lives easy and comfortable so no wonder we press our panic buttons and run around trying to get it fixed. Link here to gain information about synthetic grass for your lawn.

This problem is highly applicable to stay at home mothers or house wives who depend on the machines and gadget to get you through the daily chores without feeling like you are some kind of a slave. A messy house and bread crumbs on the carpet can be taken care of in a jiffy using the vacuum cleaner. The dish washer gets the dishes done and the microwave heats up the food and turns off by itself so you don’t have to worry about burnt food. The washing machine gets the laundry done and you don’t have to run out to watch for the weather so that your clothes hung on the line won’t get wet because the machine dries it for you. Your coffee machine brews up a lovely cup of steaming hot coffee to get you a kick start in the morning. These have become little perks of life but a couple of decades ago these were considered a luxury that many dreamt of but couldn’t afford.

So when one of the machines or the gadgets malfunctions we panic because they are so well integrated in to our daily routines and the routine thus gets messed up. We are willing to spend a lot of money to get these machines fixed by repairmen who charge a lot for small things they fix. Because we are so ignorant about the machines and how they work we can get cheated on by the repair men who might charge us a lot for a simple thing that we ourselves could have fixed by ourselves if we had just paid more attention to the machines we use.

You may not know much about dosing pumps or the mechanics of the dishwasher but knowing your basics won’t hurt you right? You must always be prepared to be your own knight in shining armor. Being the damsel in distress is no longer an option.

Yes I agree that a lot of women are not interested or is exciting in the thought of mechanics. Women mostly see it as a job for men who doesn’t mind getting a lot of grease under their fingernails. True, there is a tendency on the side of males to enjoy tinkering with gadgets than women. But women can’t shrug off the responsibility of being independent. There is no longer clear cut compartments in the world labeling it as either male or female. Both must learn to survive on their own and must gather the basic skills needed for that. If we can save money, time and effort by getting something done by ourselves then why waste our time and money getting someone else to do it huh?

So knowing how something works can really help you to be an efficient individual. When you see a gadget or a machine stop to observe it and how it functions. When you see someone fixing something stop to ask questions and observe how they fix it. It can be a simple thing like a broken toaster or a bit complex like a pool heater but it’s worth looking in to.

Don’t just throw away the instructions manual when you open the box. Keep it in a separate place with all the instruction manuals easily accessible so that you can grab it if you want to check something.

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