Qualities Of A Preschool Teacher

Being a preschool teacher is an exhilarating job for those who enjoy the company of children. But it is a job that needs a ton of energy and the patience of a saint. Below are a few qualities of preschool teachers.

Patience is a virtue

This is the single quality that will help keep your sanity. A lot of patience will be needed when dealing with the children and sometimes inconsiderate parents. A typical day of a nursery school teacher consists of playing with kids, listening to their stories and complaints, changing diapers, handling about ten kids who want your attention at the same time and occasionally tending to a few cuts and grazes. Then at the end of a hectic day a teacher simply cannot lose her cool when a parent makes an unfair accusation. Children will not respect a teacher who yells at their parents. Such situations must be dealt with in a professional manner.


A teacher’s duty is to guide the child in in all their pursuits and provide them with encouragement when they doubt themselves. There are so many different types of children. Some will be quiet and withdrawn and others will be loud and boisterous. Some may be daring while others might need a word of encouragement from their teachers when trying something new. As a teacher you must understand how to approach each child.


This is probably not something you can cultivate. It is a quality you are born with. Most preschool teachers have this quality. Children tend to listen more to people that inspire them. Therefore it is easier for such teachers to guide children.

Be flexible and able to improvise

Children do not like to stick to a rigid time tables. Sometimes they may have needs that force them deviate from the regular schedule (e.g. a chronic illness). In this case the teacher must be able accommodate that child’s need in such a way that it does not disrupt everybody else’s work.

Many a time a teacher will encounter a child who is difficult to handle. In such an instance she must come up with a strategy to deal with him or her. Sometimes it may be a problem at home that is the cause of the problem. The teacher must tactfully get the child to open up to her.


Although nurseries Abu Dhabi have developed policies based on the advice of many professionals a teacher may instinctively know when a policy might not be beneficial to the children. In such an instance she should be able to fight for the children and if necessary get the policy changed. For example, the school policy might state that the disabled children should be separated from the others. However, if a teacher feels that it is beneficial for everyone if no such segregation existed, she should try to get the policy changed. At least she can request a trial period.

As you can see it is not easy to be preschool teacher. It is not a job that gives you a high social status, but it’s nonetheless an important job.

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