The Must-Have Wedding Embellishments

One thing that is sure to bring life to a wedding would be Dubai wedding planners. It is essential to pick satisfactory and exceptional ornamentation to complete your wedding day. Ask anyone who’s planned a wedding previously and they’ll be sure to mention the role the wedding ornamentation plays. The first impression from the moment your guests walk in, till the minute they leave all depend entirely on the type of decoration used. Here are a few of the most vital decorations that every wedding MUST have!


Aisle runners are of utmost importance as this is the way your guests take their seats and in which the bride will make her grand entry. The aisle could be customized to your liking, whether you prefer to have floral arrangements or lanterns along the aisle. Be it a fancy or a simple aisle runner, this carpet is the way to your destination! (Especially if you are the one to be wedded).

Arches and columns

Are you going to have an arch in which you’ll be seen tying the knot in front of your loved family and friends? If so, what would the ideal size be, and the colors. The arch/columns is another vital part of any wedding ceremony as that is the main focus point while the couple is being married. Guarantee that this is perfection before moving on to the next step.


Table centerpieces are another form of embellishment that should be taken into consideration. Surrounding this is where your guests will eat and chat up on. The centerpiece depends on a lot of factors, such as the size and shape of the table. Too big a centerpiece in a small table would create discomfort while the guests are trying to eat. If your centerpiece is a flower arrangement Dubai, ensure they are arranged in a sturdy manner as this creates the visual picture.


Wedding favours, chair signs, place cards, balloons and even ice carvings are few other components that add light to your wedding reception. Another trendy idea would be to have inspirational quotes written on chalk boards hung here and there at the venue, giving it an almost old school and satisfying feel. Place an arrangement or two on the buffet table. Add a funky cake topper. Every little addition counts.

It’s common knowledge that decorations play a major role in weddings, whilst that is true, your decorations could be suit your taste and fit your theme as decorations come in all forms. Whether you opt for floral deco or wooden deco, ensure they create the spark that every wedding needs!

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