Things To Know When Visiting Egypt

Egypt, the beautiful country of pharaohs and ancient mystery, is a place that most of us dream of going to after watching ‘Mummy’. Egypt is on top of the bucket list for a lot of people, and the country rakes in foreign currency due to their great tourism destinations. But there are essentials that you need to know when you are visiting a foreign country, and then there are the essentials sites that should be on your list when visiting Egypt. So here are the top ideas to have in your head when going to Egypt.Visiting the Great Pyramid of Giza

The pinnacle of visiting Egypt is going to see Giza and the three pyramids. The most common known fact about going to the pyramids is that its beauty is showcased during sunset and sunrise. So try to grab your camera and run off to the pyramids during these times to get some snapshots to last a lifetime. Also, the great pyramid of Giza is one of the only remaining few world wonders, so you’d better check it out before it starts crumbling as well (it has held strong for around 4600 years already anyway). Camel riding and horse riding is available on site, but if you love animals then it is suggested not to go for those. You can get to the top of the hill adjacent to the pyramid to get the view of the three pyramids aligned as well. Climbing the hill can be quite a workout due to the sand. Link here to gain information about a stylish vessel where you can celebrate a party while cruising.

The great Sphinx

The great Sphinx of Giza is located right in front of the Khafre pyramid and on the west bank of the Nile river. The original Egyptian name of the great sphinx (Abu al-Haul) translates to ‘the terrifying one’ (or ‘the father of dread’ in literal translation). You can take lots of pictures here as well for your scrapbooks and online albums. You do not need to pay an admission fee for the sphinx as it is included with the admissions to the Giza pyramid site. A fun fact: the face of the sphinx is thought to be made in likeness of that of the Pharaoh Khafra.

Rent yacht for Nile viewing

You can also go on a cruise on the great Nile river (amazing and gorgeous views guaranteed) with the crowds, or you can rent yacht Dubai separately if you have the cash. The Nile River runs for a long range, so you can only travel the part that runs through Egypt. The kingdom of Egypt was built around the delta of the Nile and has been dependent on its fresh waters for the existence of its people.

Egypt has a lot of recreational activities and things to see, so make a separate bucket list for Egypt as well. If you are going alone, then make sure that you have properly packed everything you need, and also have your emergency contacts in place as well.

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